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About Us

Helping you keep you and your most valuable assets safe.

We provide security guard services to businesses and residents across the country, from condominiums and construction sites to corporate and residential homes.

Who We Are

American owned security company that has been operating since 2005, with locally-responsive offices throughout Florida we provide premier security services.
We provide career paths for many security professionals happily serving our main clients in a range of industries. At All Star Security Services, our tactical mission is to maximize your ROI by bringing you the best people, most advanced technology, and greatest resources in the security guard sector.
To get there, we ensure every All-Star professional adheres to a detailed set of values of exceptional service. We take what we do personal and understand the deep financial and professional responsibilities we have to our clients and the positive impact we need to strive to execute each day through outstanding service.
Every All-Star professional is trained on our core principles of service and how everyone is expected to live up to them each and every day on the job. The growth of our professionals is a top priority for us everyone is on a team working towards a goal.

Our Process

We Listen

We listen to our clients. Sounds simple, but time after time, we meet new Clients whose old security company never listened to their needs, to their staff members, nor to the security needs of the guards. At All Star Security, we learn your needs from A to Z and what matters to your security success.

How we ensure:
  • Regular client meetings
  • Annual quality survey
  • Solicited security officer feedback
We Verify

All Star Security monitors performance. Performance data is one of many powerful powerful tools we use to ensure we are executing at peak performance.

Audit Areas:
  • New hire data audits
  • New account start data audit
  • 90-day data audit
  • Operations data audit
We Train

All Star Security understands the importance of effective security guard training in order to meet and execute the needs of our clients and to better our officers in their professional career, as well as the continually rising demands of Homeland Security initiatives. All Star’s Security training program is designed to allow each security officer the opportunity for a clear road to success.

Three Modules:
  • Core training
  • Client Expectations
  • Promote and Inspire
We Measure

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring. We are committed to meaningful quality data measurements. Our performance metrics are based on.

Metrics Used:
  • Site Manager /Security Officer retention
  • Client satisfaction
  • Compliance

Proven Results

Our proof of execution is in the number and variety of clients we service. Our focus on client satisfaction has made us an industry leader.
We find the best people

Site managers are involved in the hiring process and build their own teams. They are empowered to build their “ownership” of their post, which motivates them to hire the best of the best.

We treat employees like family
Our employees are the back bone of our business, and we take measures to take care of them. We strive for a culture of loyal and motivated employee base.
We train them to execute
Ongoing training is an important part of making sure our security guards are the best in the business. We continue to improve every day.

How much do you charge?

Costs vary based on the size of the project and scope of service. Patrol services can start as low as $300/month, and on-site security officers start as low as $15.00 per hour. We have flexible billing options depending on the scope of the job.

How quickly can you start service?

Right now, if needed. We can understand the need for immediate security.

What is your minimum contract requirement?

At All Star Security you don’t need a long-term contract. We want to execute for you and show you why America trust us for all their security needs. If you aren’t happy with the service, we make it easy to cancel. We do however offer discounts for 6 month plus commitments!

How do we know that your officers are not just going to sleep all day on the job?

We use technology of course! All of the guards are tracked based on their position on your property. If a guard is not executing properly, we’ll know about it.

Can All Star Security provide credible references?

We absolutely can! We take what we do personal and we are proud of our work and confident you will hear rave reviews. We will be happy to provide credible references upon your request.

What do we risk by going with another security company?

Security companies are everywhere, but like most service companies top-notch quality is hard to find. We got into the security industry because we believe there is a better way. Other security companies pay their employees little to nothing causing an extremely high turnover right. We believe happy employees makes for better quality of service. We don’t cut corners to save money or sacrafice quality with quantity. Don’t put your business at risk, at All Star Security we got you coverd from A-Z.

What makes All Star Security Different?

What makes us different is the fact that we flat our care. We take what we do personal and pride ourselves on our personalized services. We strive for high quality training and using visibility to deter criminal activity, as opposed to just reacting to it. All of our handpicked personnel are off-duty law enforcement, or they are trained by law enforcement personnel. Client experience is very important to us and we’re certain given the opportunity you’ll see why so many trust All Star Security to execute.

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