Top Security Guard Books

There are many different types of situations that might require the services of a South Florida security guard. But if you want to read about the guards from security companies, you’ll find there are just two categories: nonfiction books with training information and updates from the security world and novels full of thrills, threats and in many cases romance involving security services in the USA and around the world.

Reading Up on Security Guard Services

Here at All Star Security Company of Miami, we’ve been in the security business for more than 15 years and we can assure you that the training manuals and nonfiction treatises on best practices for security guard companies aren’t as exciting as the novels, but they offer a much more accurate glimpse into the world where security guard companies like ours operate.

You may be surprised to learn that there is actually a category of novels called “security guard-bouncer books.” We were!  Providing top-rated security services ranging from armed and unarmed security to defence training and loss prevention is a demanding, detail-oriented mission.  We are proud of the work we do to provide full-service security services in the USA but we don’t kid ourselves. Not many people would find the day-to-day duties of our highly trained security guards to be particularly exciting. 

Top Security Guard Company Books

We rely on extensive training and advanced technology to protect the safety and security of our clients, but there are others whose knowledge of security guards relies pretty much on their imaginations.

According to, some of the most popular novels in the “security-guard-bouncer” category are:

  1. Undercover Princess (Castles of Dallas, #1)
    by Lenora Worth (Goodreads Author) 
  2. Killer Curves (Guarding Her Body #2)
    by Naima Simone (Goodreads Author)
  3. Damaged Like Us (Like Us, #1)
    by Krista Ritchie (Goodreads Author)
  4. Soldier of Fortune (ebook)
    by S.J. Frost (Goodreads Author) 
  5. Gasp! (ebook)
    by Z.A. Maxfield (Goodreads Author)
  6. Kneel, Mr. President
    by Lauren Gallagher (Goodreads Author)
  7. Scary (Twirled World Ink #3)
    by J.M. Dabney (Goodreads Author)
  8. All or Nothing (All Series, #1)
    by Natalie Ann (Goodreads Author)
  9. Swamp Blood (Guns n’ Boys #4)
    by K.A. Merikan (Goodreads Author)
  10. Protecting the Soul (Souls of Chicago, #3)
    by Annabella Michaels (Goodreads Author)

Happy reading from all of us at All Star Security Guard Service!

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