Our services


All Star Security is committed to providing consistent, high-quality service which is reflected in the development and implementation of client-focused quality assurance.

Defence training

As a security guard, you may encounter a situation when you need to defend yourself to remove a belligerent customer, detain a suspect, or prevent theft or vandalism.

Armed/Unarmed Security

Our Uniformed Security Guard Division was developed to address your specific security needs. These uniformed or business attired armed or unarmed security officers are deployed to provide security guard services at a variety of locations and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Private security

If you’re a VIP, executive, celebrity, rapper, artist, politician, banker or just looking for personal protection and are looking to hire a bodyguard, All Star Security Services offers the expertise you can trust. Some of the world’s elite trust our bodyguards to keep them safe.

Protection of objects

Physical protection of objects or property by patrol service to prevent thefts, damages, misusage or destruction of the client’s property.

Loss Prevention

As the need for asset control and retail loss prevention services continues to grow in the US, it is paramount that retail and brick & mortar property owners contract a loss prevention team with the necessary expertise to control theft and maintain positive asset control.

Residential Security

One important key factor for home buyers or renters is residential property security and safety. It is the number one concern of home buyers and residents in apartment complexes, gated communities, HOAs,  and condominiums. Everyone wants to live secure and sound so we believe you shouldn’t expect anything less. Get peace of mind with our security professionals. Schedule a consultation today!